Crusade against Corruption

He began to work for farmers cause under the banner of Bihar Khetihar Manch. His Crusade against corruption in apex cooperative organizations in Bihar began when fields of farmers of Shahabad area in Bihar were destroyed due to the spurious fertilizer supplied by the apex corporative body BISCOMAUN (Bihar State Corporative Marketing Union). He raised alarm against supply of fake fertilizers, substandard seeds and spurious pesticides as well as frauds made in providing credits and subsidies to farmers through Bihar State Co-operative Bank and Bihar State Land Development Bank. Due to his untiring efforts Biscomaun was forced to pay compensation to the farmers of Shahabad area in Bihar whose crops were damaged due to its fake fertilizers. Later on due to his movement against corruption, nepotism and mismanagement in co-operative sector of Bihar the apex cooperative institution such as Biscomaun, State Co-operative Bank and State Land Development Bank were superseded in 1987 by the Govt. of Mr. Bhagwat Jha Azad.

He exploded the misdeeds and acts of corruption in Lalu Prasad government in Bihar in 1994 and submitted a charge sheet on behalf of the state BJP on October 11, 1994 on the eve of birthday of Loknayal J.P. Based on analysis of the CAG reports of three years (1991-1992, 1992-1993, 1993-1994) placed simultaneously in Bihar assembly in December 1995 he wrote a letter to the then finance commissioner on January 6, 1996 alleging fraudulent and excess withdrawals from the state treasuries in various districts by the animal husbandry department officials by means of fake bills and inflated budget provisions vide supplementary allocations. The irregularities in the CAG reports were first pointed out to him by Shri Sukant, a senior reporter in Nav Bharat Times, Patna edition.

The allegations revealed by him in October 1994 as well as in January 1996 were found true when by the order of the then finance commissioner of Bihar Chaibasa treasury was raided on January 25, 1996 by the Deputy Commissioner West Singhbhum and the scam was officially unearthed. He along with Sushil Kumar Modi and Shivanand Tiwari filed a PIL in Patna High Court for CBI enquiry in Animal Husbandry scam better known as fodder scam of Bihar, which was granted by the Patna High court and the Supreme court of India also put its seal and directed CBI to enquire into the scam under monitoring of the Patna High Court.

He raised the wide ranging corrupt practices of the ministers in Madhu Koda Government of Jharkhand. He highlighted the infamous Iron Ore Scam of Jharkhand both inside and outside Jharkhand assembly along with other matters of public interest. He exploded the irregularities in allotment of Iron Ore Mines iin Jharkhand and made public the proofs of corrupt practices in it. He also raised the issue that the illegal money acquired by scamsters in collusion with Jharkhand Ministers are being sent to various foreign countries by means of Hawala and invested in purchase of properties and acquiring stakes in various overseas companies. On the basis of the documents released by him the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate started probing the scam and unearthed sensitive papers after making raids on the premises of the accused persons.

In the PIL filed in the Jharkhand High Court the documents released by him in the Press Conferences from April 7, 2008 to November 13, 2008 were used as Annexures and back ground materials. The iron ore scam is now being probed by the CBI by the order of the Ranchi High Court. He also raised various irregularities in Govt. and highlighted the issues impeding the development of Jharkhand besides other important matters. He also raised the issue of Illegal Mining as well as Proxy Mining of Iron Ore in Bada Jamda, Gua and Noamundi blocks of West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. This allegation is also being probed by the CBI.

He got associated with Action Committee against Corruption in India (ACACI) as a member. The Action Committee with chaired by Dr. Subramanian Swamy included eminent Personality’s such as Mr. Ajit Doval who latter on became internal security advisor to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr S. Gurumurthy, Mr K.N Govindacharaya, Mr R Vaidyanathan, Mr Abhishek Joshi etc.

The Committee use to hold its frequent meeting at Swamy Vivekananda at Delhi. He addressed several public meetings at different place in Jharkhand under the arises of this forum. The one huge meeting held at Ranchi on 18 march 2012 which addressed by Dr. Swamy. The other public meetings at Dhanbad, Bokaro, and Jamshedpur and at a few otherplaceswere addressed by him including a few crusade of campaign against corruption in Jharkhand. Irony was that neither the Bjp leaders in government nor in the Bjp organisation barring a few in Jharkhand relished this camping rather put lot of hurdle In its way they even went to the extents of asking there leaders and workers to re frame from attending such programs, even though large number of Bjp workers and leaders at respective places attendant the programs and helped in organising it.

As a cabinet minister in Jharkhand Government from 2015 to 2019 he opposed corruption oriented decision even in cabinet meetings. He use to air his views in writings to the CM and the departmental secretaries in this regards. The end result was that he was denied BJP ticket in 2019 assembly election in which he was forced to contest as an independent candidate and won election by an impressive margin by defeating the sitting chief minister.