As a Journalist

He was persuaded by Shri Dinanath Mishra, the erstwhile editor of Patna Edition Hindi Daily Nav Bharat Times, to enter into journalism and offered to work as sub editor cum reporter under him. He accepted this offer with an amendment that instead of joining Nav Bharat Times as an staffer he would contribute the paper as a freelance journalist. Mr. Mishra readily accepted the suggestions and gave ample opportunity to work with him as a freelancer.

He also launched a monthly magazine namely "Krishi Bihar" to highlight the problems of farmers and farm sector in Bihar specially the movement of "Sone Anchal Kisan Sangharsh Samiti" which was a torch bearer organisation to fight for the right of Sone command area farmers for their due share on the water of Sone river and injustice made to them in the Bansagar Agreement as well as its implementation on Sone river waters between the government of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. This problem he raised in 1982 as the then general secretary of the Bihar unit of the Janata Party on appropriate forums and after a long struggle filed a public interest litigation in Patna high court in May 1993 which was admitted and now has been listed for hearing after 17 years. He himself argued the case before the honourable bench of Patna high court as the petitioners. The bench comprisingwith learned judges Mr. Sudhir katriar and Mr. Asadudin aman hulla deliver the judgement in his favour. At the end of the judgement the honourable bench commentedeloping his contribution in the case below.

The ‘NAV BHARAT TIMES’ provided him ample opportunity to him as a reporter, sub editor, columnist etc. He used to write fixed column on agriculture and development on every Friday and Wednesday title as Sukrawart and budhawarta. He was also given task to prepare and makeup a full page item regarding competitionactive exam oriented readers. After The era of Shri Dinanath Mishra he was again approached by the incumbent editor Shri Arun Ranjan to actively work for NBT as earlier. Mr. Ranjan provided him enough space for NEWS reporting and column writing. There was an unwritten short of agreement that the report contributed by him will be placed as anchor news item on the front page and the weekly column written by him on state finances will find place at editorial page. He did write weekly columns continuouslyfor more than a year between 1991and 1992. The collection of these articles is now published in a book form named "SAMAYA KA LEKA" Published by an eminent publisher of Delhi "The Prabhat Prakashan". For a long period up to 1993 he worked asanaccredited freelance journalist with Nav Bharat Times besides contributing to other newspaper as well.