Member- Irrigation Commission

Besides working as journalist and social activist, he was also associated with an expert group engaged in the field of conservation and preservation of natural resources under the able guidance of imminent planner and a reputed engineer Mr. Basawan Sinha who established an organisation namely 'Meta Planners and Management Consultant'. The worth mentioning works in which he was associated with the group as a learner are studies of 'Century Old Sone Canal System sponsored by International Food Polity Research Institute'. He also gained a lot of experience by his association with the Environmental Impact Assessment Studies' of the World Bank aided Subernrekha Multipurpose project. He also shared a paper titled as 'Environmental Impact of Water Resources Projects'.

He was nominated as a member of the 2nd Bihar State Irrigation Commission constituted by the Govt. of Bihar in 1991. He was assigned responsibility of Convenor the sub-committee no.-1 of the commission which completed the task of preparing a Water Policy for the state of Bihar and also studied and analyzed the International and Inter-State agreements of water sharing on the Rivers flowing through the state of erstwhile Bihar. He completed the task well ahead the scheduled period.

In the year 2002 he was nominated member of two important committees constituted by the Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India. The one committee was to study the impact of Mining on Environment and the other was to suggest appropriate ways for due share to the residence of affected areas in the proceeds of Mining and Minerals. Both these committees could not submit its final report and recommendations as it were dissolved by the department due to changing ministry. Anyhow the committee sent its brief recommendation to the cabinet minister Shri Kariya Munda.